12 Things About RC Cars That You Need To Know

Remote controlled cars have become popular nowadays. Both adults and kids are constantly seen driving a small car on terrain, ramp or maybe you’ve seen your nephew driving some car across the room fast it could have tripped you.


Anyway, you probably have seen them, and now it’s the time to know them better. RC cars are battery or gas powered and can be controlled from afar using a remote or a transmitter. They are of many types including purpose driven models like RC battle cars (for shooting in combat), RC stunt cars (for doing stunts like spinning and hill climbing) or even rock crawlers that can crawl on a rocky surface.



This has become the standard radio frequency used in hobby grade RC cars. Inventors have been claiming 2.4 GHz, but many theories have erupted explaining how it came to be. However, one thing is for sure. Its use was for making radio-guided torpedoes that would make it impossible for the enemy to detect. Its use in RC cars makes a strong connection that enables better navigation the way you want.


Three-gear dimension

This is an amazing feature that enables RC cars to move in any direction or road. The Tamiya was the first ever to have a car that has a three-gear transmission. This car which was released in the last year of the 70’s was a Rough Rider.


Ball Differentials

Cecil Schumacher is the legendary inventor of ball differentials since 1979. He also created one for usage on RC cars. The first time it was used was in 1/12-scale cars.


Silicone material

Did you know that RC cars are silicon built? Yeah, the shock fluid and the covering on wires are all made of silicone. Due to their inert and synthetic components, silicone was the best option.


CA glue

This glue was first discovered in 1942. How cool is that? Yes, the Cyanoacrylate that you use to bind your RC car nuts and bolts. The ones who invented it, Dr. Harry Coover and Fred Joyner, wanted to make transparent plastic that would have been suitable in gun sighting for the second world war. However, it was rejected. Some nine years later, these two CA glue founders discovered its commercial value and sold it in 1958.


First ESC

The first reliable yet affordable electronic speed control was created by Novak in the 80’s. It was the best in the market and a built-in BEC circuit.



The first company to launch a rebuildable universal driveshaft was the MIP. They were then included in car kits for many years.


First wheel type radio

The invention of the first ever the wheel type radio was intended to be used in cars. Futaba takes credit for the invention. It was known as the Futaba 2F, was reliable and the first one of its kind too.


2.Cool things you can do with RC cars

The topmost of the cool things about RC cars is basically what they are capable of. Some people think it’s just a fast-moving little toy for many kids, but it is more than that.


Camera mounting capabilities

There is always that thrill when you see yourself making something happen. This is the same when you are driving an RC car. You can watch your game with a camera and not only improve your racing skills but also get an amazing view of your work.


Enabling a challenge

We all like challenges sometimes, and one cool thing about RC cars is you can challenge yourself with it.  You can take it in mud or snow or somewhere you can tackle the process of taking out of the stuck state. With a remote in your hands, you can sweat the math of taking it out and have fun doing it.


RC car battle

You can set up to RC cars which vary in strength and watch them tug at each other. RC cars can be used by two people this way for the fun of it.

RC cars are both interesting to study as well as playing with them. They cars can be used as spyware too as the camera mounting capabilities will come in handy. This gadget is an amazing thing to have around and play with. Now that you know a few cool things about RC cars, you might want to get one that suits your liking.


Fascinating history

These cars have a fascinating history that dates to the 60’s, 1966 to be precise. It was pretty cool to have such a gadget in those times. The first RC car ever created was a Ferrari 250LM which was nitrogen powered. It was created by a certain Italian electronics company called Elettronica Giocattoli. The following year, a British company in Leicester called Mardave started producing RC cars commercially.

At first, they weren’t necessarily going fast, but as time went by, their features skyrocketed in quality. At first, they were made of aluminum chassis and graduated to many other materials and purpose builds started showing up in the 90’s. They constantly invented RC cars for different surfaces and hence the myriad options available today.

Apart from putting smiles on the faces of the ones playing with them, these cars are so cool in their structure and workings too. You are going to discover some of the cool things about RC cars so that you can decide whether you like or not. I’m pretty sure after this, and you’ll want one so bad.